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Our August Ambassadors are here!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The winter in Melbourne is freezing this time. We hope everyone is keeping themselves warm and comfy! This month we have launched a few new sweaters. How exciting! We have also invited a few sassy little friends to model this month! Let me tell you, they all look amazing in #puppiccino style.

Reggie wearing Off Leash sweater, size XL

(Neck 27-30cm, Chest 45-48cm, Length(back) 35cm) Instagram: reginaldthecavoodle

Lexa wearing Smoothie Pie, size XXL

(Neck 32cm, Chest 56cm, Length(back) 46cm) Instagram: misslexa_thehusky

Ollie wearing Check Cheque XL

(Neck 33cm, Chest 48cm, Length(back) 45cm)

Instagram: oliverwooof

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