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Best Ways To Wear A Bow Tie

A bow tie is a must-have for any white tie or black tie event. There are commonly followed rules of etiquette that come with wearing a bow tie. But rules are mean to be broken.

Let's take some risks and be creative.

No.1 Gentleman

The most common and classic way to wear a bow tie, on the neck, just like a gentleman.

No.2 Princess

Do you remember the princess from Snow White? The princess who wears the bow on top of her head?

No.3 Hair Band

Guess this is inspired who? I will give you a hit, xoxo, gossip girl. Yes, it's from your queen B.

No.4 Blinder

The essential of a daydreamer? A fancy blinder that could take you to the sweet fairy land.

Model: waffle_the_rich_paw

Wearing: Coco Hoodie XL

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