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Best 5 Dog Outfits For Winter

When the temperature drops , fashion tends to get thrown out the door in favour of warmth. If you are looking for some new combinations to beat the classic, Here are 5 winter outfit ideas/inspirations for you. I can promise you they are practical yet still eye-catching looks your dogs too will be able to wear on repeat until spring.

1. Puff Vest

Style Note: Make a comfortable ensemble look polished with a vest that has real feathers inside.

Model: Waffle_the_richpaw wearing XL Striped Vest ; Orange Cap - New Yorker



2. Hoodie + Bag

Style Note: Fur Baby hoodies are the cosiest way to keep warm and stylish in the winter. Pair with a Fendi inspired bag for the ultimate 2021 finish.

Hoodie - Fur Baby; Bag - Downy



3. Coat + Bag

Style Note: Coats are a wintertime staple. For a fresh take, seek out a beige or khaki, and then match your bags to them for easy coordination.

Model: waffle_the_rich_paw wearing 2XL Coat - Shearling;Bag - Horsebit



4. Hoodie + Cardigan

Style Note: A classic ensemble, sure. But add in a smart colour combination and you've just given it a chic twist.

Model: waffle_the_rich_paw wearing XL Hoodie - Call Me Coco ; XL Cardigan - Black Camellia



5. Fur Jacket + Silky Top

Style Note: For an outfit with real wow factor, put a monogram print jacket and silky top together. Add in a pair of glasses to finish.

Model: reginaldthecavoodle wearing XL Ultimate Jacket; XL Top - Silky Chic; Glasses



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